If you are currently under the weather, please do not come in for your session since receiving massage during sickness is too taxing to the body and can increase your symptoms. Kindly give me as much notice as possible; please do not wait until the last minute to inform me that you are not well. As a self-employed worker, I cannot afford to catch your illness and be out of work.

If you have traveled by plane or been exposed to any contagious illness within the past week, I ask that you wear a mask that fits well with good coverage and covers both the nose and mouth when speaking. Please wear either an N95, KN95, KF94, or double mask if you have none of these. I have KN95s available for $3. Please test your mask by speaking with it on before you come over. If you need to repeatedly adjust it, it isn’t an appropriate one to wear. One that fits properly is going to protect both of us much better than one that does not. I prefer the ear loop style as it makes neck access easier, but any style is fine.  Have your mask on before entering and keep your nose and mouth covered for the entire appointment, even while face-down on the massage table. If you arrive with an improper mask, I will not be able to proceed with the session and full payment will be required.

I am not currently providing cups and water so plan to hydrate before and after your session.  I will have all surfaces disinfected before you arrive.  If you experience symptoms or test positive for covid within a week after our appointment, please let me know immediately and I will do the same.

Thank you for helping me keep my space as safe as possible!