A few of my clients have been kind enough to say some words about their visits.

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“This review is all about Steph George. I'm not a usual reviewer, but I am so blown away by her that I feel compelled to write one. I'm 44 and have had a couple hundred massages in my life, and both of the times I have been to Steph, she has found spots that I think no one has ever touched before, getting deep under tendons and finding knots and trigger points in the most seemingly unlikely places. Seriously, like in my neck, deep in my hips near the bone, along my collarbone, and other awesome places.

If you want deep, she can do it but is also very attentive and is great about checking in about pressure. Going to Steph definitely put the "therapeutic" in therapeutic massage. I really did feel like, "Oh, so that's what massage can do!" afterwards.

Anyway, I could gush more and it's hard to describe but between the intensity, the goosebumps, the just-up-to-the-edge-of-pain work, I felt transformed. If you need some serious work done, she should be your pick!” – Heather G.
“My partner and I both received a massage from Stephanie. You can tell she puts her heart and soul into her very thorough work. She listened to our needs and let us know that our well-being mattered. She is a very talented healer who helped us so much. Thank you, Stephanie.” – Birdie B.
“Since I started seeing her, Steph has shown me ways to stretch my hips and shoulders that solved two different stress-related chronic pain issues. I do them every day, and they have changed my life.” – Rebecca W.
I booked a last minute massage and for the first time in a long time had my mind blown. Steph killed it. I am a lover of bodywork (as well as a therapist for a decade), and when asked what kind of pressure I prefer, I always answer with "the spectrum." I say that because I can appreciate and enjoy subtle work and its place, but I have since stopped answering with "deep" (what I really need), because I end up being disappointed with the outcome. I have a smaller/hyper-mobile frame. It is worked on either too deep/too fast or pressure intimidates people? Either way, I went in today with no expectation other than to relax. I got a helluva lot more.

Steph is informative, centered, communicative, and beyond all PRODUCTIVE! Her technique is skillful, knowledgeable, builds on itself and is inspirational. If you want to truly be em-bodied, and understand what that means fully, please seek her out, drink a ton of water, and embrace the mobility that is gifted to you. – Brittany M.
I recently received a massage from Steph George, and she is absolutely amazing at what she does. First of all, she definitely has a gift in the therapeutic field and is meant to help people with the caring and compassionate attitude that she has. You will always feel at ease with Stephanie as she is very communicative in her work.

I have seen probably around 10-15 massage professionals and have never seen such a high quality of neck work as Steph's. I've been having some problems on my left side as I'm left handed and have a highly physical job. She found the spot that's been causing me tension for many years and I felt immediate radiating relief in my jaw and the top of my head. I didn't even know those areas were so tense! I will be back. Very soon. – Lora L.
“Steph is an amazing massage therapist and this is coming from someone who used to be a practicing LMT and has had hundreds of massages! Something I really appreciate about her is how she can meet you at all levels. If you need to come in for a relaxing massage and talk about life, she can meet you there. If you have some intense chronic pain issues to work on she is always up for the challenge. If you want to be quiet and just meditate, she holds the space for you.

I have a spinal fusion which results in muscle tightness on the left side of my body and she has helped me regain mobility in my hip. She's not afraid of getting into the muscle and doing deep tissue work and is strong, firm and focused with an in-depth knowledge of muscle attachments and anatomy. I love the heated table and the fact that she has some evening appointments available to accommodate my work schedule. Highly recommended!” – Rain R.